Bringing Korfball to the Space Coast

Korfball basket and players in a Florida park with palm trees

Korfball, or it’s newer variant Beach Korfball, is a mixed gender game played by 8 players (4 in Beach Korfball). Due to it’s mixed gender rule it’s a great sport for couples, groups of friends, coworkers or classrooms!

The game play is very similar to basketball (“korf” is Dutch for basket!) minus the dribbling. No running with the ball in hand is allowed either, which adds to player cooperation and fast pace game play.

We think Korfball would be an excellent addition to our area’s very active sporting scene. Played indoors, outdoors or at the beach, the Space Coast offers perfect grounds!



A korfball stand at Cocoa Village Riverfront Park

Korfball: The world’s only mixed team sport. Since its earliest development, korfball teams have consisted equally of male and female players – playing together on completely even terms.

International Korfball Federation